Adidas Drops Teyana Taylor Following Rihanna Twitter Beef: 'We don't condone violence of any kind'


Rumors circulated earlier this week that Adidas had ended their relationship with Teyana Taylor after a petition was launched to see her dropped from the company. Adidas confirms that they have indeed cut ties with Teyana.

When the rumors first began, Teyana’s publicist was quick to deny the news, saying:

Teyana has not been dropped, the sneaker is on hold, no other comments or statement is ready to be issued at this time.

Madame Noire reached out to Adidas after finding it odd that Adidas hadn’t released a statement on the matter. A Senior PR Manager for the corporation responded via email:

“We have ended our relationship with Teyana Taylor and do not have any upcoming product launches with her.”

MN inquired further to see if their decision was based on Teyana’s online altercation with Rihanna and if in fact the petition calling for Adidas and Reebok to end the partnership played a role. The rep added:

“All I can say is that adidas partners with athletes and artists who blend well with our brand values.  We evaluate our relationships with partners based on the values we hold at adidas and we don’t condone violence of any kind.”

That sounds like a yes.

Teyana didn’t have much to say on the matter, but she did offer this statement via Twitter.

Let this be a reminder that online beef and social media bullying often have real life consequences.

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