Adele Says Her Son Hated When She Sang ‘Skyfall’ Song While Pregnant [Video]

Adele’s baby boy didn’t hold back his thoughts on his mom’s song “Skyfall” when he was inside her belly.

via: The Blast

In a new interview with Vogue, for their “73 Questions” segment, Adele has some very interesting information about Skyfall, during her pregnancy. That time, in 2012, the singer was pregnant with her son, and believes that he didn’t like the song at all.

Adele’s son is Angelo, who is currently 9-years-old. In this interview, Adele claims that she believed that he didn’t like when she sung “Skyfall” at all, back when he was still sitting inside her stomach. This was also the only song that Adele recorded, over the course of her pregnancy. Adele had Angelo with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki.

“I was heavily pregnant when I did the vocals for ‘Skyfall,’ and it’s the only song I recorded when I was pregnant with him.He also hated it when I was singing the high notes, he’d sort of kick around inside of me.”

In Vogue’s November 2021 cover story with Adele, she also revealed how Angelo still doesn’t realize how big that she is, as an artist. Adele is widely recognized as one of the most famous musicians worldwide, and it’s known, at Angelo’s school, as well.

“There were a few older girls who chased him around [at school], asking if I was his mom. He was just like, ‘I think her name’s Adele, yeah. My mom. My mom.’ I’m not Adele to him. He felt like he was being bullied because they were annoying him. I said, ‘That’s not bullying. Just say, “Yeah, she’s my mom. She wiped my ass!”

In this interview, Adele also noted that Angelo is a huge Taylor Swift fan. She reminisced on how she took Angelo to a concert that Swift had, in 2018. He enjoyed it so much, that he wanted Swift to come to Adele’s tour, as well.

“His jaw dropped. I got really annoyed! I was like, ‘Excuse me! This is what I do, you know?’ He said, ‘When we go on tour, should I have a seat next to me with Taylor Swift’s name on it for Taylor to come?’”

Adele is also currently on fire with her music, as she released her first single since 2015, last week. This was with “Easy On Me,” which is already a worldwide hit. It’s expected to top the Billboard 200 chart this week, as it was quickly placed at No. 68. This is due to only five hours of tracking, being recorded. On November 19, Adele will also release her fourth studio album, “30.” This is also her first album, since 2015’s “25.” To date, Adele has three consecutive number one albums, and 30 is expected to do the same, after a six-year wait.

We are ready for “30.”

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