'Access Hollywood' Executive Slams The Kardashians in an Open Letter

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Rob Silverstein, the executive producer of Access Hollywood posted an open letter to the AH webstite this morning blasting Kris Jenner and The Kardashian family after being blacklisted from Kim’s birthday bash at Tao in Las Vegas.

He writes:

I want to talk about the Kardashians for a moment.

Kim’s birthday bash is tonight at Tao in Las Vegas. This is an annual event and they are paid millions. They will all show up, they will walk the red carpet… they will fulfill their obligation.

We were planning on covering but Kris Jenner has “blacklisted” us.

The reason: She was not happy with a review we aired of her talk show. A few months back.

Well a few things… first, her talk show was not great and she is not a talk show host, no shame in that. The landscape is littered with failed talk shows… Bethenny is finding that out right now…

Access Hollywood reports on the Kardashians. We have fun with the Kardashians, but we are not mouth pieces for the Kardashians. There are plenty of other outlets that are. We cover the Kardashians fairly. We talk about their family and how it seems they are very close knit. We talk about how you don’t see any of the family members stumbling out of bars like other famous Hollywood families. We talked about Kris being a “marketing genius.” We have also criticized them where we felt it was justified.

The facts are the Kardashians are famous for being famous. They have taken what Paris Hilton started and taken it to a new level. That is no small feat.

Their popularity causes a lot of internal issues at our show; producers want us to “cover real stars who have talent.” We get e-mails from viewers all the time asking us to cut down or even eliminate our coverage of the Kardashians.

When they were just starting out on this journey, they would take any publicity they could get, now it appears they are being selective. That is their right. Our right is to cover the family as openly and fairly as we cover all of Hollywood and despite the “blacklist,” that’s exactly what we will keep on doing.

— Rob K. Silverstein, executive producer of “Access Hollywood”

Hmm…how do you feel about the letter? Do you think he’s justified in feeling some type of way? Or do you think The Kardashians have the right to choose who’s allowed to cover their events?

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of a celebrity getting particular with the press — after all, Beyoncé doesn’t even allow press photographers into her shows.

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