6ix9ine Reportedly Ambushed and Robbed at Gunpoint in Los Angeles

6ix9ine is walking around a free man these days — but that hasn’t stopped the streets from seeing their own form of justice.

According to reports 6ix9ine was robbed at gunpoint after he was ambushed by a group of men on Thursday night.

The reports say the 24-year-old star and his security team were surrounded by gunmen in the parking lot of a high-rise apartment building where he has been staying.

The thieves reportedly ran away with 6ix9ine’s jewelry and cash, which are estimated to worth approximately at $250,000.

One well connected Los Angeles gang member allegedly bragged about the robbery on his social media account. He posted, “Got em,” before quickly deleting the message after people reminded him that he was “self-snitching.”

Well…honestly what else did he expect?

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