50 Cent’s Son Marquise Responds to Dad Doubting Request to Meet: ‘You’ve Had Me Blocked on Social Media’ [Photo + Video]

The Jackson’s have been going back and forth on social media in regards to their father and son relationship, or lack of one.

via: Complex

Marquise Jackson, 50 Cent’s eldest son, has responded to his father after he doubted a request to meet up and sort their issues.

“Now y’all all see I tried to reach out to talk to my pops as a MAN in front of the ? & behind the scenes,” wrote Marquise in a post shared on Instagram, which featured photos of him with his father and video evidence showing how he’s blocked by Fif’s account. “I have no phone number for you & You’ve had me blocked on social media for years so I can’t DM you personally & everybody that is mutual is scared to touch the topic bc they’re scared of you.”

He went on to explain why he’s spoken with TMZ and posted about their issues publicly on Instagram, suggesting it’s the only reliable way to get a response from his father. “I don’t want nor need money from you,” he said. “I don’t like attention I had so many opportunities to get that and I choose not too. I saw the breakfast club interview and it didn’t sound like much accountability there just ego, blaming and more so about money as if you were the child in the situation. Those text messages was ME I was waiting outside for you that was the day you broke my heart. I forgave you for it. I’m ready when you ready to sit down & talk.”

His second portion of the post focused on a photo, which he alluded to as something that contributed to their issues. He denied knowing the person in the photo, although it’s not clear how that connects to the situation with 50 Cent. “I APOLOGIZE to anybody that this photo may have hurt, but I wasn’t aware who he claims to be,” he said. “I thought it was just a fan asking for a picture. Any other ‘enemies’ you’ve seen me in a pic with I’ve known them to be family damn near my entire life bc of my pops.”

His post comes not long after Fif appeared on The Breakfast Club, during which he expressed doubt that Marquise wanted to actually mend their relationship. “See, Charlamagne, you would call me. You don’t call TMZ to say you want to sit down,” he told the radio hosts. “Think about it, man. You know, he wants some attention, and it’s okay he can have as much of that as he wants.”

Marquise and his father have been trading shots online for the past few weeks, but it all kicked off after he offered to pay his father $6,7000 (the same as one month of child support) for 24 hours of his time. The situation saw 50 troll his son, while Marquise told TMZ that he wanted to chat so he could “restore the situation.”

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