50 Cent Trolls Floyd Mayweather for Alleged Beard Implants [Photos + Video]

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather continue their Friendemy relationship, this time with 50 Cent trolling the undefeated champ over his new beard. Money Mayweather debuted a new look, which is a full beard, which 50 Cent believes is a product of a transplant.

via: Complex

50 Cent has made it clear throughout his career that he’s never going to stop antagonizing his enemies. This is on full display with the way he continually takes jabs at Floyd Mayweather.

On Tuesday, Fif put together a quick post-and-delete on Instagram that trolled the boxing legend. Floyd seems to be working on filling out his beard, which led 50 to claim the boxer got hair implanted on his face from an unsightly place.

“LMAO,” 50 captioned a picture of Floyd. “He took hair from his ass and put it on his face. LOL WTF is really going on Champ?”

Check out Floyd’s new beard for yourself.

50 Cent and Floyd have been engaged in a longstanding feud after their close friendship fell apart. This war of words arguably hit its peak in 2014 when Fif went viral for challenging Mayweather to read a full page of a Harry Potter book. He then lessened the wager, claiming he’d give $750,000 to the charity of Floyd’s choice if he read The Cat in the Hat.

No one really expects much from 50 when it comes to Floyd or anyone else on social media.

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