50 Cent Says There Will Be No New "Power" Shows on Starz for Six Months [Video]

The latest chapter in 50 Cent’s long-simmering feud with Starz is unfolding, with the hip-hop mogul expressing his frustration with the network over his latest series Power Book IV: Force as well as a general tendency to drag its feet on renewals.

via: Revolt

On Instagram, 50 shared a TikToker’s reaction to one of his earlier posts about the popular franchise.

“I have [four] more episodes of ‘FORCE,’ then I don’t have anything airing on STARZ for six months so y’all know the vibes,” 50’s post read.

The man in the TikTok reacted to the news angrily, yelling, “What you mean no shows for six months!? Now we gotta cancel our Starz membership early and we gotta send the TV back, ’cause we wasn’t even watching TV before that.”

50 agreed with the TikToker, writing on Instagram, “‘FORCE’ is the highest-rated premier of any show on the network. When they take too long to green light it, it pushes the production timeline back.”

“After tonight’s episode (March 20) there are [three] left, April 10 it’s a wrap,” he continued. “Then [six] months till I have anything new.”

50 also shared another TikTok video of a man fighting the Starz logo over the news.

As reported by REVOLT, 50 aired out his frustrations with the company and threatened to pull his “Power” franchise and “Black Mafia Family” series off the network earlier this month.

“This is me packing my stuff,” he captioned a video of a person packing a suitcase. “STARZ sucks. My deal is up over here I’m out. They renewed [the series] ‘Hightown’ and [‘Power Book IV:] FORCE’ is the highest-rated show they have sitting in limbo.”

“If I told you how much dumb shit I deal with over here, you would think they all went to school on a small yellow bus,” he added.

See 50’s latest posts about the situation on Instagram below.

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