43-Year-Old Black Man Found Hanging From a Tree in GA, Officials Do NOT Suspect Foul Play [Video]

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43-year-old Roosevelt Champion, III, was found hanging from a tree in Greensboro, GA on Monday. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, there’s no evidence of foul play — as of now.

Just after 11:00 a.m., Monday, someone walking past a house on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Greensboro spotted the body in the back yard of the house, and called 911.

The body was hanging from a tree, and police quickly identified the man who had died as a nearby resident, Roosevelt Champion, III, 43.

It just so happens that the GBI interviewed Champion twice last week about the apparent murder of a white woman in Greensboro, Carol Lewis, 55.

But the GBI emphasized Monday that Champion was not a suspect in that case, and there is no evidence as of now that that murder case has anything to do with Champion’s death.

“There’s nothing to suggest any, any foul play at this time,” said GBI Agent Joe Wooten. “Mr. Champion’s feet were touching the ground, his knees were slightly buckled.”

Wooten said Champion’s arms and legs were not bound.

He said there was no initial indication of any wounds to Champion’s body, such as gunshots or cuts.

“That’s going to be up to the autopsy to determine that, but, no, nothing overt…. There’s nothing that showed any type of immediate struggle or anything of that nature.”

The GBI is asking for the public’s help in tracking down the straps used — orange, nylon ratchet straps, fairly new. They’re hoping information on the straps might provide a lead.

[via NBC Atlanta]

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