15-Year-Old Shot & Killed in School Parking Lot, Police Say He Was Holding a BB Gun [Video]

A school community is in mourning after 15-year-old Jacob Peterson was shot and killed by police over the weekend.

According to police, when responding to a call for a welfare check at Torrey Pines High School on Saturday they saw Jacob remove what appeared to be a handgun from his waistband and point it at officers. It turned out to be a BB gun.

via ABC 10:

San Diego Police said it started with a welfare check at the school around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday. They later learned Peterson was likely the reporting party, who pretended to be someone else. The two officers, including a juvenile service team officer from the SDPD’s Northwestern Division responded.

Homicide Lt. Mike Holden said, as officers exited their patrol car, he pulled what appeared to be a handgun from his waistband and aimed it directly at one of the officers. 

They later learned it was a BB gun. 

“Both officers drew their weapons while repeatedly giving the male commands to drop his handgun,” Holden added. 

He went on to say the boy refused to comply with the officers’ commands to drop the gun, and instead continued to point it at the one officer and then began walking toward the same officer.

Officers shot him, then tried to save him with CPR. 

As kids went to the school to mourn, they were met by several police protestors. 

Kathryn Brinton, who has a 15-year-old daughter, called the situation unbearable. 

“My experience with the police in this area is that they are extremely responsible, they’re very, very good at their jobs,” Brinton said. “I’ll go so far as to say they’re loving towards our children.”

Peterson’s mom sent 10News this statement in a message:

“Our family is mourning the loss of a loving and wonderful young man. We ask that you respect our privacy as we remember him and all he meant to us.”

Instead of making plans for Mother’s Day, she will be planning her son’s funeral. 

This would be where the All Lives Matter crew begins to take to the street in peaceful protests, right? RIP Jacobb.

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