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Ziwe And George Santos Exchange Witty Barbs During Recent Sit-Down [Video]

Former GOP Congressman George Santos sat down for an interview with comedian Ziwe Fumudoh following his expulsion from Capitol Hill.

via: Vibe

Ziwe has been waiting for her chance to speak with former NY State Rep. George Santos, and the time finally came. The full episode of ZIWE featuring the conversation was released on Monday (Dec. 18), after Santos recently made history as the sixth person to ever be expelled from Congress.

The comedian and satirical host asked Santos everything about running for re-election. “I’m not ruling it out,” he declared.

Moments later, Ziwe asked Santos, “What could we do to get you to go away?” To which he quipped, “Stop inviting me to your gigs.”

Ziwe asked Santos about his loyalty to former President Donald Trump amid accusations that Santos misused campaign funds and falsified important pieces of his life story and professional experience. Refusing to hold back with her blunt inquiries, she asked Santos, “What excites you most about going to prison?”

The 35-year-old replied, “That was below the belt.”

Earlier this month, the House voted to expel Santos after the House Ethics Committee concluded that he’d “sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit.”

Despite confirming that he would not be seeking re-election, Santos opted out of resigning and called the investigation “a disgusting politicized smear.”

Santos pleaded not guilty to 23 federal charges, including fraud as related to Covid-19 unemployment benefits, using campaign funds for personal gain, and for lying about his personal finances on House disclosure reports.

Following the expulsion, Ziwe shared on Twitter that Santos would make an “iconic guest”, and he agreed.

“Let’s do it,” he tweeted back, and the rest was history.

Watch the full chat above.

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