Young Thug Explains Why He's Never Worked With André 3000 on T.I.'s Podcast [Video] |

Young Thug Explains Why He’s Never Worked With André 3000 on T.I.’s Podcast [Video]

During Young Thug’s appearance on T.I.’s podcast, the rapper explained why he’s never worked with André 3000.

via: Complex

“I ain’t never paid attention to him, never in my life,” Thug told T.I. of Three Stacks, which prompted T.I. to mention how he’s worked with Elton John but it’s weird he still hasn’t worked with one of Atlanta’s most beloved rappers. “Elton John like to kiss ass, André like his ass kissed.” He further explained that John approached him as a fan, and when they met he also spoke about how he appreciated Gucci Mane, too. “He’s just more of a fan type of n***a,” he added.

By comparison, he seemed to suggest that André is less willing to collaborate and be enthusiastic. He put on an accent, and briefly impersonated André before T.I. interupted him to say that the OutKast rapper is “our ally,” to which Thug replied, “Nope.”

Sometimes, the people around you can see your greatness and potential before even you can. In the case of Lil Baby, Young Thug explained while on T.I.’s podcast expediTIously with Benny the Butcher that he knew Baby could rap before even he realized it.

“Lil Baby went on record in saying that you used to pay him just to focus on rap,” T.I. asked Thug. “That n***a didn’t know who he was,” Thug responded.

“I used to read that young n***a’s captions on his pictures and call him like, ‘bruh, you know you can rap.’ He in jail like, ‘bruh, I’mma goddam get out, I’mma goddam get me some money, get me a bag and do what I need to do.'”

The two then talked about how Thug knew Baby before he went to prison because they lived near each other, and that the real reason he was paying Baby to rap at first was because he wanted to show him how he could really shape his life around it.

“Just to groom him to you really could get paid from doing it, like, no cap,” Thug explained.

Lil Baby has talked in-depth about how much Young Thug has helped him in the past, both financially and by encouraging him to keep going.

“I was already going to the studio,” Baby told The Breakfast Club in March. “He was on some sh*t like, ‘You got a chance in rapping. Not even a chance. Like you’re gonna make it rapping. You can’t even be chilling.’ He would FaceTime me and see where I’m at, and he like, ‘Damn you ain’t even at the studio?'”

“My mind wasn’t where Thug’s mind [was] at because I hadn’t been through what I’ve been through now,” he continued. “Now I appreciate everything he said and I understand everything he said. It still put something in my head, but I still couldn’t see it.”

Why is Young Thug out here taking shots at André 3000, a legend who Young Thug should hope to be as big as.

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