Young M.A Shares Health Update, Says She's Sober [Video]

Young M.A. has an update for her fans as many grew concerned about her health.

via: Rap-Up

The “Ooouuu” rapper had fans concerned about her well-being following a viral video that showed her incoherently mumbling while seated in a barber’s chair. Fans also noticed that her eyes were yellow and speculated that she was struggling with alcohol abuse.

However, she is assuring fans that she is on the mend. On Easter Sunday, M.A posted an Instagram Story where she revealed that she suffered a “small setback,” but is on the road to recovery and remains sober.

“Just a small setback for a comeback. Unfortunately, I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life and things starting to catch up with you,” she said.

“Besides all that, I’m actually doing much better. I’ve been getting well. I’ve been very much sober,” she continued.

She plans to drop new music soon and share more of her story in her upcoming documentary. “I keep my personal problems to myself, but now it’s time to expand that and express that to y’all,” she said. “It’s gonna be one of them M.A summers. I promise you.”

She also had a message for her supporters: “I’m still here, I ain’t going nowhere.”

After the haircut video went viral, fans speculated that she had liver damage from drinking too much. Her barber Fats Da Barber also received backlash for posting the video, saying that M.A gave her approval.

Back in June 2021, M.A announced she was going to rehab to battle an unspecified addiction. She hasn’t released music since her May 2021 album Off the Yak.

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