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Yikes: Man Accused of Killing His Tinder Date and Dissolving Her Body in Acid

A man wanted for the murder of one of his recent Tinder flings was arrested in Mexico City.

Bones belonging to a missing woman were discovered in garbage bags beside caustic soda and hydrochloric acid on his apartment balcony.

via NYDN:

Attorney General Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre took to Twitter to confirm the remains found at Emmanuel Delani Valdez Bocangegra’s home belonged to Francia Ruth Ibarra, who was reported missing by family in Leon, Central Mexico earlier this month.

Authorities believe Bocangegra murdered and dissolved his victim’s body in acid after she refused to have sex with him, local news outlets reported.

The 26-year-old student connected with Bocangegra, also 26, through the dating app Tinder and met up with him several times in the months before her disappearance on Dec. 3, local news outlets reported.

Ibarra had made plans that day to meet up with a friend at the movies but never showed up — so her school pals dug into her social media and learned she was involved with Bocangegra, a former student at their university, according to local news outlets.

Ibarra was last spotted with Bocangegra before her disappearance and her bag as well as some of her clothes were also found in his apartment, according to local reports.

Authorities went on to track the ex-medical student, who was reportedly indifferent amidst his capture, to Mexico City where he was arrested.

Be careful meeting people on these dating apps, love muffins. You never know which of these men or women are actually crazy.

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