Yikes! Husband Stops Wife's Suicidal Jump By Grabbing Her Ponytail at the Last Minute [Video]

A woman’s attempt to jump to her death was thwarted by her husband’s fast thinking and quick reflexes.

The woman, described as being in her 30s, was snatched back to safety at the last minute when her husband grabbed her by the ponytail.

via NYDN:

South China Morning Post reports that the woman was partially suspended in the air for about three minutes.

Police arrived and helped save the woman shortly after she leaped from the top floor of the apartment building where she and her husband were tenants.

Zuo Yu, an officer, told the Chinese Business View that, “When we arrived, we saw her husband grasping her ponytail, but his hand had clearly slipped to near its end. If we were late by a few seconds or her husband couldn’t hold on to her hair for a few more seconds, it might have been impossible to save her.”

The corresponding video, showing the rescue, has gone viral. It shows an officer climbing over a barrier to reach the jumper. His colleagues grasp his clothing so that he doesn’t fall. The woman’s husband was also outside the barrier, and officers clutched the hood of his jacket.

The South China Morning Post continues, asserting that the woman’s body rested on a 30-centimeter-wide pipe, which held some of her body weight. Police believe that if not for the pipe, she would have fallen.

The woman screamed “let go” to her husband while police grabbed ahold of her arm.

Whew — praise the Lord she was wearing her real hair and not that Yaki!

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