Yikes! California Man Killed in Shark Attack While Vacationing in Hawaii with His Wife [Video]

A 65-year-old California man was killed by a shark in Hawaii on Saturday.

It marks the first shark attack in the state in four years.

via NYDN:

The man, who was not identified, had gone swimming at Ka’anapali Beach Park near Maui, according to family members.

A witness told Hawaii News Now that he he appeared to be unconscious as he was pulled to shore. Allison Keller told the news website that the man was missing part of his left leg and that the skin on his wrist “was just torn off.”

“There was no blood or anything,” she told Hawaii News Now.

She added that the tourist was on vacation in Maui with his wife when the tragic attack took place.

Officials did not say where in California the man was from. Warning signs were seen at the beach Sunday.

The last deadly shark attack in Hawaii took place in 2015, when a snorkeler was killed near Maui.

“In an island state that’s surrounded by water, human and shark conflicts do occur from time to time,” Chief Jason Redulla of Hawaii’s Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement told ABC News Radio. “There is always the potential for conflict between animal and human and we just have to be aware of that and respect that.”

What an unfortunate incident, but as Chief Redulla said — there is always potential for conflict between animal and human. We have to be aware and respect that.

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