YG Says He Won't Work With Nicki Minaj Following Her 6ix9ine Collab: 'Yeah, I'm Cool' [Video] | lovebscott.com

YG Says He Won’t Work With Nicki Minaj Following Her 6ix9ine Collab: ‘Yeah, I’m Cool’ [Video]

YG is not here for 6ix9ine.

In an interview with Real 92.3 LA, YG was asked how he felt about Nicki Minaj working with the lace-fronted rapper — and he’s not here for it.

via Complex:

“I don’t know, my feelings was hurt,” he replied when asked if he would work with Nicki Minaj again after she collaborated with 6ix9ine. YG has previously tapped Nicki  for “Big Bank,” but it appears they won’t be working together again anytime soon. “I’m a real street n***a,” he added, “Yeah, I’m cool.” While he didn’t say anything too definitive, he made it clear that he was disappointed to see someone he’s previously worked with associate with 6ix9ine. Upon catching wind of what YG said, 6ix9ine chimed in on the comments of a Shade Room Instagram post. “Smh Damn Nicki u done messed up big time,” he wrote.

Watch YG’s interview below.

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