Yaya Mayweather Talks About Motherhood, Gushes Over Her Son With NBA YoungBoy [Video]

Yaya Mayweather took to social media to give her supporters an update on how life is as a mom.

via: AceShowbiz

During an Instagram Live, the 20-year-old answered some fan questions about her bundle of joy.

When asked about how she felt about entering motherhood at such a young age, Yaya revealed that things had been “amazing” for her. “How’s Mom life? It’s amazing so good I love being a mother,” so Yaya shared during the livestreaming. “I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever been like ever, it’s just amazing. I just wanted to come on here and show you guys that your girl is happy.”

The daughter of legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. also shared with her followers that her baby boy “only likes my mom and my dad” outside herself. Yaya also gushed over his baby, whom she said is very calm and rarely makes a fuss.

During the live, Yaya talked about the backlash she used to receive from Internet users. “People on the internet are so negative,” she added, calling them “so mean.”

Upon watching clips from the Instagram Live, some fans noted that Yaya was too young to be a mother. “She literally sounds like a toddler describing a baby,” someone commented. Repeating what Yaya said in the video, another user said, ” ‘He’s so calm unlike me & his dad ‘. Girl he’ 27 seconds old… is he supposed to jump on the table & do the woah… like ….”

“She really is a little girl. I dont care if she is 18 or 19. It takes time to grow out of your childlike mind. The frontal lobe which helps with critical thinking isn’t fully developed until 24. I hope ya’ll begin to leave her alone,” one person added.

This arrives after Yaya sparked chatter with her new post on Instagram in which she bragged about getting 2021 G Wagon from her famous dad. “I forgot to tell y’all my dad put me in a new 2021 GWagon…,” she told her followers on Monday, April 26. The mom of one also promised to share some pictures of the new ride soon, writing, “Pictures coming soon.”

It didn’t take long before Yaya received backlash over the unrelatable post. “I forgot to tell y’all that nobody cares, group pics coming soon,” mocking her, one person wrote. “Lmao girl yo dad need to teach you your worth,” someone else added.

We’re happy to see that Yaya is enjoying the mommy life.

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