Writers Strike Reportedly Costing California Economy an Estimated $30 Million Per Day

Writers Guild of America’s ongoing strike is not only hitting studios’ pockets, but also the entire state of California’s economy.

via Complex:

Deadline writes that the WGA claims the strike is costing the California economy $30 million a day. The estimate is based on the $2.1 billion that the Milken Institute calculated was lost during the 100-day WGA strike in 2007-08. That number comes out to $21 million per day at the time, which, when inflation is taken into account, comes out to $30M/day in 2023.

In a message sent to Writers Guild of America members, WGA East VP Lisa Takeuchi Cullen referenced the loss, saying, “Based on prior estimates, the strike could be costing about $30 million a day in lost studio output. A DAY.”

In another message sent to members, the guild’s negotiating committee warned studios of a long strike, arguing that “the studios are risking significant continued disruption in the coming weeks and months that would far outweigh the costs of settling.”

According to the WGA, its “proposals on the table at contract expiration on May 1 would cost the industry collectively $429 million per year, approximately $343 million of which is attributable to eight of our largest employers.”

Meanwhile, one particular studio executive doesn’t appear concerned with the estimates. In a response obtained by Deadline, the unnamed exec said that WGA’s numbers “are baseless and just made up to gin up their membership and make for provocative headlines.”

The solution is simple — pay writers a fair wage, meet the WGA’s reasonable demands, and everyone can get back to work!

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