Woman Allegedly Caught Trying To Spike Trey Songz's Drink In The Club [Video]

Trey Songz may have avoided falling victim to an evil scheme.

via: Hot97

The video surfaced online and since has gone viral. In the video, a woman seemingly poured something into his drink, and according to his reaction– it was without his consent. Trey gave the woman the side-eye before looking down at his drink.

It’s obvious the singer caught on to what had happened, and was skeptical about taking another sip. Take a look at his reaction below.

Social media users were not happy about what went on in the video. One commenter wrote, “I see nothing funny about this, if this was the other way around y’all wouldn’t hesitate to talk shit about him..” and another, “let this have been him doing it to her, y’all would’ve lost y’all marbles..”

It’s not clear what happened next, but the video has prompted reactions from fans, who were mostly concerned about the safety of Trey in particular and others out there.

We glad things didn’t go completely left for Trey.

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