Woah Baby: Florida Mother Gives Birth to Two Sets of Twins in One Year

Alexzandria Wolliston’s womb got no rest in 2019.

She gave birth to a set of twin boys, Kaylen and Kaleb, in December. Just nine months earlier, in March of the same year, Alexzandria gave birth to her first set of twin boys, Mark and Malakhi.

That’s four boys in 12 months.

via Complex:

Wolliston told her local NBC-affiliate that she didn’t even know twins ran in her family prior to having two sets. After giving birth to her children, she learned that both of her grandmothers lost twin boys at birth. She now believes that her sets of twins were a miracle waiting to happen. 

“I always say that I feel like my grandmothers gave me their kids because two sets of twins and their twins passed away,” Wolliston said. “I feel like they just sent them down for me.”

Although she won what she describes as the “twin lottery,” Wolliston had better chances of striking it big playing the actual numbers than giving birth to two sets of twins in one year. According to CDC data, the 2018 twin birth rate was 32.6 twins per 1,000 births. Yet, doctors say it’s nearly impossible for the same woman to give birth to two sets of twins in one year. 

As expected, Kaylen and Kaleb caught Wolliston by surprise. She said that she had no intention of having more children when she learned that she was pregnant again in May. Along with her sets of twins, Wolliston has a 3-year-old daughter. Despite the blessings, Wolliston has made it clear that she plans on keeping her child count at five. The mother was able to bring Kaleb home from the NICU on Monday and is anxiously awaiting the release of his brother. 

Whew. Pray for her mind, body, and spirit!

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