Winnie Harlow Apologizes to a Woman She "Bulldozed" at a Party, Then Accuses Her of Lying

Winnie Harlow has apologized to a woman who claims the model “bulldozed” her at a party.

via Page Six:

On Thursday, marketer and music-industry insider Dimplez Ijeoma tweeted that she had “the wildest encounter” with model Harlow at a listening party for Teyana Taylor’s new album in Los Angeles.

She added, “Crazy how someone so pretty could be so ugly — as a human being.” When Harlow replied, asking what she was talking about, Ijeoma said, “Oh you know … pushing me out the way as you bulldoze your way to the front of a drink line [and] having your manager call our mutual friend to ask me to take the tweet down. Typical mean-girl BS.”

Harlow responded, “My love we were all tipsy. If I pass you to the bar it wasn’t on purpose, it was an open bar.” She added, “I apologize if I’ve made you feel [that] way. That definitely [was] not my intent.”

But she appeared to deny having gotten her manager involved. “I’ve just woken up to this [message]. I didn’t have anyone do anything.”

It was all good — until Winnie got on Twitter and accused the girl of lying for clout.

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