Willow & Jaden Smith Get Fresh for 'Billboard', Discuss Their Fashion Inspirations, Opposition to Auto-Tune & More [Photos]


Look at the Smith children!

You’re never quite certain what you’ll end up hearing from Willow and Jaden Smith, but whether they’re discussing the nonexistence of time or metaphysics, you always know you’re in for a treat, even if it’s a bit confusing.


Their interview with Billboard for the March 14 issue reaffirms this notion.

Inside the issue, Willow and Jaden discuss their fashion inspirations, their opposition to auto-tune and more.

Jaden even reveals that he doesn’t write down lyrics but instead takes after Lil Wayne and Jay Z by freestyling.


Check out a few tidbits from the interview below.

On Opposition to Auto-tune:

“I don’t like having any effects on my voice, I feel like putting a lot of Auto-Tune on it really covers up the essence of you and is like putting a cloud over real true emotion,” says Willow.

On Batman and Robin:

“People have ideals and they have a certain thing that they expect because of growing up in a certain society and I’m just trying to break those ideals,” says Jaden who recently designed unconventional looks for his men’s MSfTS line. “Fabrics definitely inspire me and superhero comic book characters inspire my clothes. That’s why I like to wear long drapey things because I want to look like Batman and Robin. I want to hit the polarities of life, show people that there’s a duality; there’s two sides to everything.”


On ‘The Beauty of Life’:

“When the sun goes down, when the song comes up. When I’m in nature. When I’m just by myself and walking around and just looking at the world happening around me, those are the moments that really inspire me,” says Willow. “Those moments where the mind is completely gone and you’re just looking at the beauty of something. When I’m crying and I’m sad about something, I’ll just sit there and be like; this is the beauty of life. When I’m happy and I’m joyful about something with my friends, I sit there and am like, this is the beauty of life. When I’m hurt and I’m crying I say yes, this is the beauty of life. Someone sent me down here to experience all of these things. So that’s what really inspires me with my music.”


On Each Other:

“Kanye, Jay Z and Willow — those are all people I watch out for,” says Jaden. “The music Willow listens to is really really interesting. She’s really amazing, probably my favorite artist and we collaborate any time that we can.”


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