Will Smith Turns Down Role in 'Independence Day' Sequel, Michael B. Jordan Steps In


Those hoping to see Will Smith reprise his role in the sequel to 1996’s Independence Day can forget about it.

Deadline reports:

I’m told reliably that Smith informed the studio that he won’t be joining in on a sequel that the filmmakers hope to have in theaters for July 4 weekend, 2016. That marks the 20th anniversary of the 1996 original that grossed $811 million worldwide and launched Smith on a trajectory to become the world’s most bankable movie star.

That doesn’t mean the sequel isn’t happening, however. Sources say that Michael B. Jordan is in the running to take on the role instead.

Fox execs have thrown Jordan’s name around in several  creative meetings — and Jordan is interested in taking on the lead in a  blockbuster sci-fi franchise, depending on where it might fit into his  increasingly busy schedule.

We could totally see Michael B. Jordan blasting aliens, couldn’t you?

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