Will Smith & Family Were Shocked at Lady Gaga's Performance, Not Miley Cyrus [Photos + Video]

Smith Family Audience Cam Lovebscott

What exactly caused the above reaction from The Smith Family?

It wasn’t Miley Cyrus’s raunchy performance, but instead Will, Willow & Jaden Smith were reacting to Lady Gaga’s theatrics. We’re not sure where the Miley rumor started, but MTV has the entire reaction captured via their ‘All-Access’ audience camera.

According to MTV:

Here’s the thing: Despite what your favorite blog may have told you, it turns out that the Smiths weren’t responding to Miley’s over-the-top antics … they were watching Lady Gaga’s show-opening performance of “Applause.” And it seems they liked what they saw.

Watch the clip below to see for yourself.

So you see, while many of us were shocked and appalled by Miley’s stage performance…it wasn’t The Smiths (at least not captured on camera).

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