Whoops: T.J. Maxx Facebook Page Hacked to Show Racy Articles About [Photos]


T.J. Maxx became T.J. MaXXX this afternoon thanks to a dirty hacker.

The brand’s Facebook page was flooded with images and articles about..things that don’t exactly help you save money on designer threads.


via Complex:

Some of the early hacks shared links to articles about women’s menstrual cycles as well as feminine hygiene. Other posts linked to listicles that discussed women’s body parts as well as how-to pieces on losing body fat and even a story on how women give birth vaginally. Upon clicking on each of the links, its browser took viewers to an inactive site named o2viral.com. Oddly enough, after the brief hack, the chain store’s Facebook page seemed to return to sharing more brand-appropriate content, such as clothing, home decor, and other living essentials.  

T.J. Maxx awkwardly deleted many of the posts. That’s okay, because Twitter is way ahead of them. Many frequent shoppers and witnesses took to social platform, alerting the brand to the blatant foul. Some suggested it was a virus, while others suspected the store was guilty of having a terrible password. Either way, T.J. Maxx may want to consider getting a better digital security system

Check out some reactions to the hack below.

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