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Whoopi Goldberg Cuts Off Meghan McCain’s MLB Georgia Rant: ‘Are You Done?’ [Video]

Whoopi Goldberg appeared to shut down Meghan McCain during on Monday’s episode of “The View” after Meghan went on a rant about Major League Baseball’s decision to move this year’s All Star Game from Atlanta in response to Georgia’s new voting law.

via: The Daily Beast

Over the weekend, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred drew the ire of Republicans everywhere when he relocated the game, noting that the sport “fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.” Following the move, former President Donald Trump called on conservatives to boycott baseball and other large corporations that have criticized the Georgia law.

With Republicans in other states also pushing for laws that will restrict voting access and rights, Goldberg asked fellow co-host Joy Behar if this recent corporate pushback could make other states think twice about passing those bills.

“Probably,” Behar said. “Let’s just talk a little bit about the fact that after the Democrats won in Georgia, suddenly they’re all panicking that Democrats could actually make Georgia a blue state because they know—the Republicans know right now they have nothing to offer the American people.”

She added: “All they have is tax breaks for very, very rich people. That’s all they’ve got. They have no platforms. They’re just bitching about Dr. Seuss.”

Asked for her thoughts, McCain wondered aloud if Major League Baseball was going to “boycott” the other baseball games that are being played in Georgia.

“They should boycott that too,” the conservative host exclaimed. “Put your money where your mouth is. Just completely remove yourself entirely from Georgia since it’s a racist, deplorable, unforgivable place.”

McCain would go on to say that she was “really disappointed” in President Joe Biden for supporting MLB’s decision, claiming he’s the “first sitting president in U.S. history to call for an economic boycott targeting a specific state.”

After griping that this was just “culture-war stuff at its very base level” and that it wasn’t what she was promised from Biden as he said he would try to bring Americans together, she went on to demand that Biden then boycott next year’s Winter Olympics in China.

“If we’re going to do this sliding scale with the Biden administration, you need to come out today and boycott the Beijing Olympics,” she shouted. “There is mass genocide going on with the Uighurs there. You have nothing to say?! We’re still going to the Olympics where mass genocide is happening, but we’re going boycott everything in the state of Georgia. That is ridiculous!”

As she continued her breathless tirade about how this is just “virtue signaling across the board,” Goldberg—as she has done countless times before—chimed in and cut off her outspoken colleague.

“They do know that—oh, for frogs’ legs,” Goldberg muttered over a ranting McCain, prompting a confused McCain to react: “I’m sorry? I’m sorry?”

After a few more seconds of awkward silence, Goldberg told McCain to “go ahead,” leading the conservative host to once again ask what was going on.

“Are you done?” Goldberg finally asked.

“Yes, yes. Sorry,” a befuddled McCain replied.

In response to McCain’s complaints that there has been a “huge misunderstanding about the bill” and that it actually expands the capacity to vote, Goldberg said that the Georgia law was only passed because of Trump’s lies about widespread voter fraud costing him the 2020 election.

“I’m telling you this all came about because of a lie,” she declared. “There was no problem with the election. There was no problem. They couldn’t find one. They couldn’t find one.”

Goldberg concluded: “Let’s start with that. I don’t know about Beijing. I haven’t thought about it. But this, this is BS and it’s BS all the way across, in my opinion!”

Same story different day with Meghan McCain.

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