Whole Foods Open to Selling Marijuana Products, Says CEO John Mackey

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey says they are open to selling marijuana products in stores once the law for legal marijuana is passed. Whole Foods like many companies are looking to cash-in on the booming cannabis business.

“If cannabis is ever passed in Texas, chances are good that grocery stores will be selling that too,” said Mackey. “You just never know what happens over time with markets. They change and evolve,” the Whole Foods CEO said during a conversation hosted by The Texas Tribune

Many 2020 presidential hopefuls support marijuana legalization nationwide, and the list of legal marijuana states is growing, avid smokers may soon have more options to re-up other than suppliers and dispensaries.

Whole Foods hired a ‘seasoned trend-spotter’ to list the hottest items of 2019, according to the report hemp products were listed among the top 10.

John Mackey co-founded Whole Foods Market in 1980, the company was acquired by Amazon for $13.7 billion in 2017. Whole Foods is one of the largest organic food retailers, it’s no surprise they would embrace the growing marijuana market.

Soon we may be able to buy our favorite quinoa salad, dinner for the week and bud in one trip, we’ll keep you posted

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