White Texas Teens Chant Racial Slurs at School in Viral TikTok Post [Video]

A video circulating on social media has landed some Vidor Independent School District high school students in hot water.

via: Revolt

In Vidor, Texas, school officials are cleaning up a massive mess after multiple white students at Vidor Independent School District high school were seen on camera chanting racial slurs.

The video had been circulating on TikTok and was reposted to Twitter on April 21 before the school made an official statement.

According to 12 News Now in Beaumont, Texas, Sally Andrews, a spokesperson for the district, said, “It did happen. We will not tolerate this. The students will be disciplined. The students have been suspended and a disciplinary hearing is pending.”

In the footage, the white teens chant the word “nigger” over and over again, casually, freely and happily as if they are chanting for a pep rally.

The video also shows alleged screenshots from their group chat. The name of the chat is listed as “KKK.”

Vidor ISD Superintendent Jay Killgo has released a statement saying, “Earlier this week, Vidor ISD received a video of extremely inappropriate behavior of high school students making racial comments in the hallways. The students were immediately addressed with discipline consequences and hearings are scheduled to determine future punishment. The comments made were unacceptable and are not condoned by VISD. This was a poor reflection of our student body by a handful of students. We will always be vigilant about addressing this type of behavior and creating a respectful environment for everyone.”

The public statements issued do not say how long the disciplinary actions will be, but users on social media have said that the students have only faced a three-day suspension so far.

And while the current video may be new, the issue regarding race in Vidor doesn’t seem to shock those familiar with the area.

In one tweet from 2020, a Twitter user says, “Y’all please keep the Vidor High school boys in your thoughts and prayers. With Trump no longer president they will have to find their own personality. It’s going to be hard to watch.”

In a thread from three days ago, users left comments like, “Well it’s Vidor, so no one should be surprised” and “Good ole Vidor Texas. Don’t stop for gas. But real though don’t stop for gas.” Another read, “Been taught since I was a kid. Going east on i10 don’t stop in Vidor. Every black person in the H should know this by now.”

The video — which contains sensitive content — is shown below.

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