White Baton Rouge Judge Is Banned from a Local Restaurant After Calling a Black Patron a 'Fat N*gger'

On Feb 3rd, Louisiana Judge Mike Erwin noticed a man share his seat with a Black woman at Sammy’s Grill restaurant in Baton Rouge, La.

The action made the judge so upset, he allegedly told the man, “You should have made her get her fat nigger ass up”

Baton Rouge resident Kaneitra Johnson shared her traumatic experience in a public Facebook post. Speaking to the Rouge Collection, she went into further detail:

According to Johnson there was a two hour wait for her party to be seated.  The group decided to stand at the bar during the wait.

While at the bar, Johnson says they struck up a conversation with a Lyft driver who was seated at the bar.

“He was sitting and I was standing that entire time. He stepped away to the restroom so I sat in the seat until he got back, ” said Johnson. “When he got back I asked if he wanted to have his seat back and  he said ‘No. I’m about to go any way.’ But before I leave I do need my jacket. “

Johnson says she and the driver share the seat until he leaves. “I’m halfway on the seat and the Lyft driver is on the other half of the seat. Then he asked for his jacket. All of a sudden I hear this older man behind me tell the Lyft driver, ‘You never give up your seat for a n*gger.’”

Johnson later learned that the man hurling the racial slur was Judge Mike Erwin.

As Johnson and the driver sat side by side, the older man continues, “You should have made her get her fat n*gger a** up.”

The driver says, “Well, this is my seat while I’m sitting in the seat. When I’m not in the seat it should be anyone’s seat.”

Kaneitra says that she didn’t know the man was a judge until local police arrived on the scene. THAT’s when she learned that Judge Mike Erwin of Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District Court, is a racist. As expected, the police didn’t do anything.

According to The Root, Sammy’s Grill manager Andy McKay says that the judge’s business is “no longer welcome” at the establishment.


“I wasn’t there that night, so I can’t comment on the details, but I know police were called,” Andy said. “I can also tell you that the owner Sammy Nagem has made it clear that Judge Erwin is no longer welcome here.”

Take some time and call 225-389-4765 to demand that Judge Mike Erwin step down!


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