What Would You Do? Woman Snatches a Steamer from a Child During Black Friday Shopping, Mother Pops Off [Video]

Say What Now Woman Snatches Product From Child Black Friday

Now, we know by now that Black Friday shopping in the United States is chaotic — but this video we’re about to show is probably one of the craziest ones we’ve seen yet.

This incident happened at a Walmart (of course) and in the clip, you see a woman snatch a discounted steamer from the hands of a little girl who was making her way through the chaos alongside her mother.

THEN the lady tried to grab another steamer from the the hands of the child’s mother — and that’s where things turned up.

The mother decided to fight back, when the lady who got physical in the first place began hollering: “Get off of me! Why are you being so aggressive? You’re scaring me!”

Girl, what?

Watch the clip below and let us know how you would have reacted had you been the child’s mother in this situation.

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