What Would You Do? Man Passes a Note to a Stranger Letting Him Know is Girlfriend is Cheating on Him After Reading Her Texts [Photos]


How many of us have casually glanced over at the phone of a stranger in close proximity? What would you if you saw a woman texting about cheating on her boyfriend — while she was standing next to her boyfriend? Would you let the guy know he’s being cheated on?

That’s exactly what happened to a man named ‘Lye’. He was sitting behind a couple at a Detroit Lions game and saw her ‘romantically texting’ a man named “Jason” saying she “wishes she was with him all day.” He noticed the woman kept shielding the screen from her boyfriend each time he’s talk to her or get too close.

At some point, Lye handed the gentleman a note telling him to check his girl’s phone.

The note read:

Hey bro,

I don’t know you and you don’t know me. When you get home check your girl’s phone. She’s been texting ‘Jason’ saying she wishes she was with him all day. 

Take care. Wish you the best! Happy Thanksgiving!

Lye posted the note and spoke out about the situation on Facebook and now it’s going viral. Do you think he did a good deed — or should he have just minded his own business?

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