Wentworth Miller Opens Up About Past Suicide Attempts, Working as A Closeted Actor & Coming to Terms With His Sexuality [Video]


Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller, made headlines when he came out while simultaneously declining an offer to participate in a Russian film festival.

During a speech at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Seattle on Saturday night, the 41-year-old revealed he tried to commit suicide at 15-years-old as he struggled to keep his homosexuality a secret.

He added that his first attempt to kill himself was ‘the first time’ among multiple occasions.

‘Every day was a test and there was a 1000 ways to fail,’ the Prison Break actor told the audience.

‘A 1000 ways to betray yourself. to not come up to someone else’s standard as to what was acceptable and what was normal.

‘And when you fail the test, which was guaranteed, there was a price to pay. Emotional, psychological. physical. And like many of you I paid that price.

‘The first time I tried to kill myself, I was 15,’ he added. ‘I waited until my family went away for the weekend. I was alone in the house and I swallowed a bottle of pills.

‘I don’t remember what happened over the next couple of days, but I’m pretty sure come Monday morning, I was on the bus back to school pretending everything was fine.’

The actor sadly revealed his act was not a cry for help.

‘You only cry for help if you believe there is help to cry for,’ he said. ‘And I didn’t need it, I wanted out… at 15.’

Watch the clips below. It takes a brave soul to share such deep moments with the world. Kudos to him!

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