Wendy Williams Supports Donald Trump's Right To 'Investigate' 2020 Presidential Election Results [Video]

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy… On Monday the TV personality appeared to support the current President of The United States, who believes that he is cheated out of election.

via: AceShowbiz

Wendy Williams tackled the results of 2020 presidential election in the Monday, November 9 episode of her talk show. In the new episode of her daytime show, the TV host appeared to support President Donald Trump, who believed that he was cheated out of election.

Of the matter, Wendy told her viewers, “I believe that Donald Trump, our president, has every right to investigate. If he feels that this election was stolen from him, then he has the right.” She added, “He and his chief counsel Mayor Rudy Giuliani who have been on TV all weekend long explaining to us exactly what’s gonna happen, then he has the right.”

However, Wendy had one favor. “Just, Mr President, if I could ask one favor of you on behalf of all of us? Don’t hold the process up too much,” the 56-year-old TV personality continued. “We must move on with our lives.

Fans weren’t having it. “Why they all on his side now?” one fan questioned on Instragram. Another person asked in disbelief, “ma’am, sir… excuse me??!” while someone one declared, “Yea she canceled.”

“Lmao yeah so he can find out that he LOST again!! I’m here for it,” another user commented. Alluding that Wendy is a pro Trump, someone else wrote, “If you a trump supporter just say that.”

Another person didn’t think an investigation was worth anyone’s time, saying, “I mean she’s not wrong he can investigate but it would be a waste of his damn time.” One person also believed that even after an investigation, Trump “still ain recover from that fall.”

We need to forward and you aren’t helping Ms. Williams.

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