Wendy Williams' Son Kevin Jr. Claims He Was 'Threatened With Arrest' Over Mom's Return to NYC

Former talk show host Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., reveals that he was allegedly threatened with kidnapping charges while he was caring for his mother in Florida, back in 2022.

via: Radar Online

Kevin Hunter Jr. accused Judge Lisa Sokoloff of threatening him with kidnapping charges if he did not assist in his mother’s return to the Big Apple last year.

Judge Sokoloff was appointed to oversee Williams’ guardianship case, which was brought after the former talk show host suffered a series of mental and physical health crises.

Kevin Jr. revealed how the judge’s warning came to be — and confessed how “scared” he was at the time.

“The judge threatened me with arrest and said I’d be held in contempt if I didn’t bring her back to New York,” Kevin Jr. told the U.S. Sun.

“I’m so scared that I haven’t really been up there to see her since the court,” he explained, referencing Judge Sokoloff’s May 2022 ruling, which appointed Sabrina Morrissey permanent guardianship of Williams’ affairs.

When he did attempt to see his mom, Kevin Jr. claimed that Williams’ legal guardians tried to “change things up.”

“When they hear I’m coming to visit, they try to change things up, like they have to prepare for me,” he continued, sharing that he wished there was more he could do to help his mother’s situation.

“If there was a way that I could help that wouldn’t end up [with me] being arrested, I would be doing that,” Kevin Jr. stated.

Despite his best wishes, Kevin Jr. was blocked from intervening in decisions related to his mother’s affairs, including her health, due to her court-appointed guardianship.

Troubled by his mother’s condition, Kevin Jr. accused his mom’s inner circle of taking advantage of her current state to personally gain from her wealth and celebrity.

After Kevin Jr. fired off the scathing accusations, Williams’ manager hit back in a statement to the outlet.

“If your mother was near death would the first thing you do is call an online publication?” Will Selby told the U.S. Sun. “Okay. So, that’s all I have to say about that.”

Selby did add that he was “not here to be combative about whatever allegations he has” and said that Kevin Jr. was “entitled to his opinion.”

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