Wendy Williams Says Bill Cosby Tried to Get Her Fired -- TWICE -- Over Sexual Harassment Jokes

Wendy Williams stopped by The Howard Stern show on Wednesday and things got interesting when the topic of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations came up.

Wendy admitted that Bill Cosby tried to get her fired not once — but TWICE.

via Radar Online:

“Didn’t Bill Cosby attempt to get you fired from your job?” Stern, 63, asked Williams, 53, in which she seemingly agreed, replying, “[in] 1991 [and] 1992.” 

Howard then proceeded to compliment Williams on being the first person to approach Cosby’s sexual assault allegations on her radio show, but Williams quickly shut the radio show host down.

“I’m not talking Howard,” Williams quipped, as a confused Stern replied, “What? Have I hit on something here?”

“No it just…it is what it is. It’s really uncomfortable…If people did not understand what I was saying back in 1992 and 1993 and now all of a sudden they’re coming late to the party. I’m exhausted, I’m moving on,” Williams said.

Stern wasn’t going to let her get off that easily. He pressed Williams to discuss what had transpired during Cosby’s attempt to get her fired on her radio show.

“I’m a young girl, I’m in my twenties, it’s like 1992 or 91,” Williams reluctantly said. “I’m on the air in the morning doing my gossip report, the GM is in his office — this is like seven o’clock in the morning. Cosby is on the phone talking to the GM. The GM is definitely agreeing with Cosby and figuring out what do we do with me.”

Williams revealed that she was still able to fight Cosby and keep her job because at the end of the day she was good at it.

When Stern asked Williams of her opinion on Cosby’s assault charges, Williams responded with just one word, “guilty.”

Stern then asked if she was disappointed by the hung jury that kept Cosby out of prison. “Don’t care. I know what I know and people need to understand what they understand,” Williams replied.

Finally, Stern decided to ask her directly if she had ever “had an interaction” with Cosby, to which Williams responds “No i don’t know that man, just a reporter.”

It’s not the first time Wendy mentioned that Bill to get her fired. On her talk show a few years ago she revealed that Bill himself called the radio station and cussed her out.

“My own boss turned on me like a wild pit bull, called me in his office in the middle of … the morning broadcast and Cosby is on the speaker phone. Cosby dressed me down and called me everything but a daughter of God.”

Wendy’s been in this game a LONG time, hasn’t she?

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