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Wendy Williams Pulls Out of Appearance Last Minute Amid Health Concerns

Wendy Williams has backed out of her upcoming speaking engagement due to ongoing health concerns.

The 58-year-old was set to make $25,000 for her appearance at the Atlanta Women’s Expo, which is set to take place on Saturday and Sunday.

via Page Six:

“There is a video from Wendy that will be played Saturday, apologizing for the late cancellation,” a rep for the expo told the outlet in a statement.

A source told the US Sun that there had “been questions about if Wendy was well enough” to make the appearance at the expo, adding that there “was pushing by some to get her to Atlanta and to put her on that stage.”

“Wendy’s ability to perform has been rocky at best. She can put together a sentence one day but not the next,” the insider added. “There have been serious questions recently about if she will ever get better.”

All promotion of Williams has been scrubbed from the Atlanta Women’s Expo website. However, an Instagram post from April 6 showed that the former radio host was scheduled to speak on Saturday at 1 p.m.

Williams’ family and friends have previously voiced concerns about her well-being since her eponymous talk show ended.

Aside from battling Grave’s disease, a condition that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid, the “Dancing With the Stars” alum has also been acting erratically.

Last August, her bother, Tommy, described his sister’s appearances and interviews as “really sad” after she bizarrely claimed in a phone conversation that she got married to an NYPD cop.

“I’ve been with Wendy since the very beginning and she’s never talked like this, but I don’t think it’s her fault. It’s a precarious situation,” he exclusively told Page Six.

Additionally, Williams has also been dealing with substance abuse issues.

Page Six broke the news in September 2022 that she checked back into rehab. After completing a two-month stay, the talk show legend returned home and said she was feeling “better than ever.”

Williams is now working on several projects, including a new podcast. In March, she was spotted drinking alcohol again — despite a trip to rehab — to celebrate a “new lease on life,” her rep told Page Six.

Those around Wendy likely knew she wasn’t well enough to speak when they booked the gig in the first place.

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