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Wendy Williams Is Filming Again, But It’s ‘Definitely Not a Reality Show’

Wendy Williams is filming a mystery project, but according to her rep, Shawn Zanotti, “it is definitely not a reality show.”

via Page Six:

“After taking a long break, Wendy feels some of the best days of her life were in media,” Zanotti told us Friday. “She has been in media since her early 20’s and wants to return to what she loves.”

She continued, “Getting back to what she loves is something that is important to her. Yes, Wendy is filming…Yes, she is gearing up for something and the specifics of that can’t be disclosed as of yet.”

Zanotti previously told us that the 58-year-old has been working on “several projects”after being ousted from the “Wendy Williams Show” last year due to health concerns.

While she didn’t divulge much, she did give an update on Williams’ yet-to-be-lauched podcast, which apparently is still “in the works.”

The clarification comes less than two months after the former daytime talk show host arrived at a restaurant with a nearly 30-person camera crew in tow.

“She had a huge crew that basically turned Fresco by Scotto into a movie set,” an onlooker told us at the time. “Approximately 30 people in the crew. Lights, cameras, audio, producers, etc. [It] looked like a reality show.”

The source continued, “One of the ‘scenes’ was Wendy having dinner with a friend. Wendy came into the dining room with her big personality waving at all the guests like they were extras in her movie.”

In fact, Williams herself recently told a photographer that she is “formerly retired” and looking forward to relaunching her career.

The TV maven, who has publicly battled alcoholism, checked back into a treatment facility in September 2022 after her fallout with production company Debmar-Mercury.

Now that she is out of rehab, Williams is reportedly focused “on her overall wellness” and ready to get back to work.

Does Wendy know she’s doing all of these things? We’re not so sure.

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