Well, Well, Well: Wendy Williams’ Husband’s Mistress Reportedly Gave Birth to a Baby Girl

Wendy Williams has opted to remain silent on her husband’s long-standing affair, but that doesn’t change the facts of life.

As lovebscott.com exclusively reported in December, Kevin Hunter got his mistress Sharina Hudson pregnant which triggered Wendy’s spiral back to rehab.

Now, it’s being reported that Sharina has given birth to a baby girl.

Update via Page Six:

While frail TV chat show queen Wendy remains in a Queens sober living house, Sharina Hudson gave birth to a baby on Monday at a Philadelphia hospital. It has not been confirmed that Wendy’s husband Kevin is the father of the child, but there is widespread speculation that he is indeed the father.

One source said, “Sharina gave birth to the baby at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philly. Apparently, they chose this location because they were worried that if she gave birth in New York, it would be leaked to the press.”

A second source said, “This is a crazy situation, Wendy is in a halfway house fighting for her sobriety, while her husband is at the side of his mistress who is giving birth to a baby. Sharina went into labor on Sunday [and] is believed to have given birth late on Sunday or in the early hours of Monday.”

The second source continued, “Everyone who loves Wendy is heartbroken and furious. Her fans are furious that she lied to them about her health and about what she has been going through.”

Williams last year blamed her collapse on the show on an immune disorder Graves’ disease and took a three-week break.

But after it was revealed earlier this month that she had checked into a Queens halfway house, Williams, 54, admitted on her show that she was living in a sober house. She travels to her show with a sober coach at her side. Wendy was spotted Monday outside the halfway house without Kevin.

After she sparked rumors by taking off her huge diamond engagement ring on her show on Monday, the second source said, “There’s a lot of love for her, but she’s got to stand up for herself. The big problem is that Kevin is her business manager but he also manages her life. She won’t hear a bad word said against him. Wendy is very angry, she doesn’t want to talk to anyone right now.”

A third source confirmed, “Sharina has given birth to a baby, but hasn’t confirmed if Kevin is the father.” It has been reported that Kevin has been seeing Sharina for as long as ten years and has put her up in an apartment in NYC.

Wendy has previously hit back at reports that Sharina was pregnant with Kevin’s baby. In January her lawyer sent blogger Love B Scott a cease and desist letter saying, “Mrs Wendy Williams-Hunter and Mr Kevin Hunter categorically deny each and every allegation made by your ‘sources.’” However, the blogger did not retract the story and has continued to report on Wendy and Kevin.

This gets messier by the minute.

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