Well, Alright! Yankees Fans Caught Getting It In While Riding the Subway [Video]

We’ve seen some wild things happen on subway cars, but rarely do we see anyone go for a home run.

One couple decked out in Yankees jerseys decided to round ALL three bases on their ride to … wherever they were going.

via NYDN:

The audacious fans, both wearing Yankee jerseys, took riding the D train to a whole other meaning, as the two can be seen blatantly getting it on while on a train after the Bronx Bombers’ latest loss Saturday, according to a video posted by the viral Instagram account SubwayCreatures, which documents odd and outrageous subway riders.

The female Yankee fan is seen grinding on her partner’s lap, thrusting repeatedly, while two other subway riders seem oblivious to what’s taking place – one appears to be sleeping while the other is listening to music.

Although the couple’s clothes remain on throughout the video, it’s obvious the two are committing the deed.

The two appear to reach their pinnacle as the subway approaches Grand Central-42nd Street. 

While that public act is shocking as it is, even more worrisome to commenters is the fact the woman is barefoot while on a New York subway train.

“Disgusting. You shouldn’t put your bare feet on the seats,” bl0ndambition writes.

“Imma say what we’re all thinking,” michaexee writes. “What the f*** is she doing barefoot on the subway?”

Maybe the woman will wear socks the next time the couple attempts to reach home plate on a subway.

Yeah, girl, put some socks on. That’s just nasty.

Making up for a huge Yankee loss #subwaycreatures

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