Watch: Tesla Dashcam Captures Highway Robbery in Broad Daylight in San Francisco [Video]

An unsuspecting driver’s Tesla dashcam recorded a highway robbery in broad daylight.

via NYDN:

The deed occurred in California Friday as cars were edging near an on-ramp to a San Francisco highway.

In the video, a silver Prius could be seen sitting in traffic at the Interstate 80 on-ramp, when a black car pulled up behind it. The traffic moved up, and both cars moved up in lockstep.

Suddenly the driver’s door opened and a man clad all in black jumped out, smashed the Prius’ back windshield, and grabbed a bag.

Within seconds the driver dove into his vehicle and sped away.

The thieves absconded with $7,000 in photo equipment, the occupants of the Prius told KGO-TV. The two real estate photographers, Ben and Masha, said they noticed someone following them after their shoot.

The equipment included a drone and camera equipment, according to KPIX-TV.

“Highway robbery in SF – caught on my TeslaCam,” tweeted the driver who owned the camera.

Police are investigating.

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