Watch: St. Louis Police Trample Then Arrest a Woman During Protests Over Ex-Cop's Acquittal in the Murder of Anthony Smith [Video]

What appears to be an elderly woman woman was knocked over and trampled by police attempting to counteract protesters in St. Louis Friday night.

via NY Post:

The woman, wearing a red top and white pants, was knocked over by the cops in riot gear armed with pepper spray in an incident captured by a Fox TV affiliate’s news helicopter.

She was present during a protest over a judge’s decision to acquit a cop accused in the 2011 fatal shooting of an African-American man.

St. Louis police said on Twitter Saturday that the woman had “failed to obey officers’ orders” and was charged with “interfering.”

Charlie Brennan, a St. Louis radio host, backed the police account. He wrote on Twitter: “She was telling others to stand behind her “because the police won’t bother an old lady.”

Thirty-two people were arrested and 10 cops were arrested in the fracas, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said.

The woman’s identity is unknown.

We hope she’s okay.

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