Watch: *NSYNC Reunites in Studio for First Time in 20+ Years for Upcoming Single

Have you heard? *NSYNC is back together — and they got back in the studio!

via People:

On Thursday, after the announcement that their single “Better Place” will appear in the soundtrack for Universal’s Trolls Band Together, group member Justin Timberlake posted a behind-the-scenes clip of all the guys — himself, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick — back together again in the studio for the song’s recording.

“So many stars aligned,” Timberlake, 42, said in the clip while speaking to his bandmates. “That’s why I hit y’all, I was like, ‘Hey, something came up.’ If we do this song, it’s a love letter to our fans. I would be honored to have the group on this song.”

The clip then shows the five-piece supergroup reliving some memories in the studio as they lay down harmonies, with JT behind the booth as he orchestrates the whole thing — no strings attached!

The band looks to be having fun in the video, from quirky dances and warm embraces with each other to plenty of head-bobbing to the disco-sounding track with a funky bassline. “Sounds good, sounds like it’s finished,” Kirkpatrick, 51, adds in the clip, before Bass guesstimates that it was the “first *NSYNC song finished in 23 years.”

“Listen man, I love you guys. That s— is epic, man,” Timberlake says at the end of the clip before getting a hug from Fatone, 46, who jokingly whispers to him that he’s “just gotta go pee, but I love you.”

It’s been hard for fans to take any type of bathroom break with the ongoing *NSYNC news this week, but fortunately for them, the new single will officially release on Sept. 29 — with the third Trolls film hitting theaters on Nov. 17.

“When the stars align… got my brothers back together in the studio to work on something fun and the energy was special,” Timberlake captioned his video. “‘Better Place’ is coming 9/29 ?? LOVE Y’ALL.”

While “Better Place” has been a secret for the group, some *NSYNC members have certainly hinted that something would be going down this year, without giving any specifics.

Back in July, Chasez, 47, opened up to PEOPLE about a recent campaign with Meow Mix, when he revealed that fans could expect his voice on a new project. He just couldn’t reveal what it was at the time.

“There’s going to be something that comes out in the very near future that has my voice on it which will be fun, but I’m not supposed to talk about that yet,” he said.

Check out the video below.


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