Watch: North West and Little Sister Chicago Do Each Other's Edges in Cute TikTok Video |

Watch: North West and Little Sister Chicago Do Each Other’s Edges in Cute TikTok Video

North West and little sister Chicago are on their way to becoming the next TikTok beauty gurus  — maybe.

via People:

Sharing a fun video on TikTok Tuesday, Kardashian’s daughters Chicago, 5, and North, 9½, teamed up to style each other’s edges. The three-minute video shows North being very patient and sweet with Chicago as they work on each other’s hair.

“What are we doing today?” North asks Chicago.

“I’m gonna do your edges!” Chicago answers happily.

“And I’m gonna do your edges,” North replied, giggling.

North offers to let her sister go first and reminds of the order they use their hair products in as she looks for an edge brush, wearing an oversized black Aaliyah t-shirt with Chicago wears a set of LOL pajamas.

With the phone perched in front of them, Chicago sits on the counter and leans in to work on North’s baby hairs. North cheers Chicago on, reassuring her that she’s “doing so good.”

Chicago carefully moves North’s braids as she works with the brush.

“This is so good, Chi. Are you going to be a hair person when you’re older?” North asks.

Chicago cheerfully says, “Yes, I’m going to do people’s hair,” informing her sister she’s doing a “tropical thing” with her hair.

“Because your hair is tropical,” the 5-year-old reasoned.

North was proud to show off the finished project. “Okay guys, here’s my edges,” she said in a sing-song voice. “By Chicago West.”

North also shares a shorter clip of her working on Chicago’s edges before she shows the little one’s excited reactions.

“Let me see my edges!” she says, leaning into the mirror and camera. “Oh, oh, oh, I love it,” she adds, starting to bounce around excitedly.

The two then start joking about saying bye to the camera, with North instructing her little sister to “say bye to your channel,” and her theatrically obliging.

Watch the video below. So cute!

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