Watch: Michael Jackson's Son 'Blanket' Speaks Out for the First Time Since His Father's Death [Video]

Paris Jackson and her brother Prince Michael have spoken out publicly a number of times since their father Michael passed away, but now their youngest brother ‘Blanket’ has joined them.

Blanket, who is now 11 years old, took part in a pay-per-view documentary called Remembering Our Michael that their grandmother Katherine Jackson helped create where all of Michael’s children speak out about their father.

During his segments, Blanket described his passion for animals which stems from his early life surrounded by exotic creatures at Neverland Ranch.

‘We lived in kind of like a zoo basically- (there were) giraffes, lions,’ Blanket said. ‘You probably heard of it but yeah we had a chimp named Bubbles,’ he said of the singer’s famous chimpanzee.

He goes on to talk about how his father & his lifestyle helped shape his plans for his future:

‘I just want to help Africa because that’s a very poor continent,’ Blanket said.’There’s a lot of animals being killed by poachers and stuff so I want to help endangered species of animals.’

Take a look at a sneak peek of the documentary film, narrated by his mother Katherine Jackson.

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