Watch: Katt Williams Slams Trump, Urges People to Vote and Support Black Lives Matter in Supreme Ad [Video] |

Watch: Katt Williams Slams Trump, Urges People to Vote and Support Black Lives Matter in Supreme Ad [Video]

Katt Williams has resurfaced and is urging people to vote — in addition to vocalizing support for Black Lives Matter.

via Variety:

In a partnership with the clothing brand Supreme, Williams delivered his set to a non-existent audience on an empty stage. He also showed off a new, rainbow-colored hairstyle in the six-minute video posted on Sunday.

“Thank you, everyone and no one. Ladies and gentlemen, Katt Williams. Crickets, crickets, crickets,” he began, addressing the unprecedented circumstances that comedians and live shows face during the coronavirus pandemic.

He jumped right into criticizing Trump’s bizarre suggestion that injecting bleach and using UV light could help prevent coronavirusAD

“Right now, we have a perfectly suitable clown running the free world. We got a guy whose advice included things that no decent crackhead would tell you to do with a gunshot wound. The man said if you have bleach, rub it on yourself. Sprinkle some in your eye. You see any UV light, walk in front of it. But these are serious times. The president is a clown,” Williams said.

Throughout the video, the comedian urged everyone to support Black Lives Matter because “it’s a fact.”

“Black lives matter, period. You can say it. Say it at home. Say it wherever you are, no matter who’s around. Say it because it’s a fact,” he said.

Williams then urged everyone to wear a face mask during the pandemic and touched on the death of George Floyd, calling the police encounter that resulted in his death “televised murder.”

“It’s an airborne virus, folks. If you breathe air, put on a mask. And because we can all agree that breathing is important, we can all agree that you putting your knee on a man’s neck for eight minutes is just murder. Just televised murder,” he said.

Even if people are unhappy with the candidates ahead of the November election, Williams asked that they still go out and vote.

“I have no right to tell people to vote, but I will tell you that even if your choices were as dumb as hickory, dickory and dock, even if those were your only choices, I would ask you make a choice. And if you can’t make a choice, go and put my name on there. It ain’t gonna count for nothing…but I appreciate you vote,” he said.

Finally, Williams admitted that he took a more serious tone in this stand-up, but he hoped people learned something from what he said.

I kept most of the jokes in quarantine in case you were looking for some laughs,” he said. “If you got some information out of it, I appreciate that. I’ve already done more than an elected official.”

Watch the video in full below. Dare we ask who did Katt’s lace?


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