Watch: British Olympian Tom Daley Comes Out as Bisexual in Heartfelt Video


British Olympic diver Tom Daley took his biggest dive yet — by publicly announcing that he’s happily in love with a man.

The 19-year-old athlete, who has been plagued by rumours about his sexuality since the beginning of his sporting career, posted a heartfelt message to his fans on his YouTube page.

Explaining his decision to announce the romance, Tom said in the video:

‘Now I feel ready to talk about my relationships. 

And come spring this year, my life changed massively when I met someone and it made me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great.

‘And that someone is a guy – and it did take me by surprise a little bit.’

‘It was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen but it wasn’t until spring this year that something just clicked, it felt right and I was like, “Ah ok” and my whole world changed right here and then.

‘And of course I still fancy girls but right now I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier. It just feels safe and it just feels right.’

Watch Tom’s heartfelt video below:

Kudos to Tom for being such an inspiration! It takes a brave person to put themselves out there in front of the world.

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