Watch: Bill Cosby Pressures The Associated Press to 'Scuttle' Questions About Rape Allegations from Their Interview: 'We Don't Answer That. There's No Response' [Video]

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If you want to interview Bill Cosby, you better be prepared to act like the storm of rape accusations surrounding Mr. Cosby doesn’t even exist.

The Associated Press released footage from an interview with Bill Cosby and his wife Camille taped on November 6th. During the interview, reporter Brett Zongker begins to ask Mr. Cosby about Hannibal Buress’ stand-up routine in which he accused Bill of being a rapist.

That’s when things got interesting…

“No, no, we don’t answer that,” Cosby said. “There’s no response. There is no comment about that. I think you were told. I don’t want to compromise your integrity, but I don’t talk about it.”

However, what happened after that response is the most telling. The tapes were still rolling when Bill asked the reporter:

 “Now, can I get something from you, that none of that will be shown?” he asks. The reporter, who isn’t quite sure what to say, says, “I… I can’t promise that myself but you didn’t say anything.” Cosby continues, “I would appreciate it if it was scuttled,” and Zongker says, “I hear you, and I will tell that to my editors and I think that they will understand.” Cosby adds, “I think that if you want to consider yourself serious, that it will not appear anywhere.”

It’s then revealed in the clip that there were previous discussions between the AP and Bill Cosby’s camp that the questions would be off-limits and that the allegations wouldn’t be discussed during the interview.

Watch below.


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