Watch: Beyoncé Accidentally Embarrasses British Princess Eugenie During 'Mrs. Carter Show' + Receives Odd Gift on Stage [Video]

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Beyoncé might have embarrassed a British royal…but hey, she’s a grown woman. She can do whatever she wants.

As is customary at her shows, the singer called upon audience members to sing the “to the left, to the left” refrain in “Irreplaceable.” What was different about this night, however, was that Beyonce happened to point her microphone in Princess Eugenie’s face.

The royal, who is sixth in line to the throne, apparently either didn’t know the words or was just too shocked to perform. Beyonce, left hanging by the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, scrambled to sing the words herself (luckily they’re not exactly Shakespeare). It’s unclear whether or not Beyonce had any idea who the 23-year-old was.

Watch the awkward moment below!


In a more hilarious moment, Beyoncé receives a fan’s passport on stage and doesn’t quite know what to do. Skip forward to 2:42 to watch Bey’s reaction.

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