Vivica A. Fox Predicts Tyler Perry’s Reaction To Parody Film, ‘Not Another Church Movie’ [Video] |

Vivica A. Fox Predicts Tyler Perry’s Reaction To Parody Film, ‘Not Another Church Movie’ [Video]

‘Not Another Church Movie’ is the hilarious new spoof that follows the ambitious Taylor Pherry on a mission from God to tell his family’s stories and inspire his community.

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Vivica A. Fox and Kevin Daniels are opening up about their new, highly-anticipated film, Not Another Church Movie. The movie centers around Taylor Pherry (Daniels)—a spoof of Tyler Perry—who believes his mission from God (Jamie Foxx) is to tell his family’s stories and inspire his community, but the Devil (Mickey Rourke) has plans of his own.

For Fox, she considered the film to be a “welcomed” change from her recent, more dramatic roles. “For me to play Judge L’Oréal, which was a spoof of Judge Mablean, I welcomed it,” the 59-year-old veteran actress explained to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Daniels praised the writer-director Johnny Mack for allowing the ensemble cast to “just play” and figure out what would be funny. “You love a director that has an open mind that’ll let you ad-lib organically,” Fox quipped.

In regards to it not being a Tyler Perry movie while also being loosely based on the entertainment mogul, Daniels noted, “I think the fact that he’s built such an incredible empire of all these incredible films people have watched and loved. People want to see him take a joke. This is about celebrating him, his films, through laughter.”

Fox chimed in, adding, “It’s such an honor when someone does a spoof of your film.”

Daniels reflected on growing up on spoof films like Not Another Teen Movie and Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood—which coincidentally stars Fox.

After having played the parody versions of Madea and Perry himself, Daniels shared that he’s gained a greater respect for the Mea Culpa filmmaker.

Both Fox and Daniels feel that Perry will “love” the film and don’t anticipate any backlash. Not Another Church Movie—which is “Mack’s interpretation of outlandish comedies [that] pays homage to the works of Keenan Ivory Wayans, Robert Townsend, and Tyler Perry”—also stars Kyla Pratt, Jasmine Guy, Lamorne Morris, and Tisha Campbell.

It will be released in theaters on May 10. Watch the full trailer below.

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