Vision of Love: Mariah Carey and James Packer on Their Whirlwind Vacation [Photos]


Dating a billionaire certainly has it’s perks…not that Mariah Carey really needs them.


Mariah and her boyfriend, James Packer, have been jet-setting around the world on a whirlwind vacation.


via E!:

E! News has exclusive pictures of the couple from their date nights in Sardinia, Ibiza and Israel, and if it wasn’t abundantly clear from the photos, a source tells us the twosome “are head over heels in love.”

“They are made for one another,” adds the insider. “It’s crazy how perfect they are together, they both know it and couldn’t be happier.”

You might’ve noticed in one of the snaps that Mariah is wearing a massive piece of pink bling on that finger. This isn’t an engagement ring, lambs—it’s just a piece of jewelry from her personal collection. That said, a source tells E! News exclusively that “an engagement is imminent” for this power couple!

“It’s been incredibly romantic, they love doing sweet things for one another,” says an insider. “Mariah gave a concert in Israel, in honor of James, because she knows Israel means so much to him. In return he is jetting her off and taking her to the most beautiful restaurants in the world. It’s been like a fairytale.”

Mariah and James both plan to return to L.A. and resume work in September, says a source, but next month won’t be all business for these two! James’ birthday is Sept. 8, and a source tells E! News Mariah is planning something very special for him, saying, “He’s the man she loves.”

Whatever she has planned — we’re sure it’s fabulous, daaahhhhling!

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